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When the manga started out, the comment on the debut section went on something like “don’t think it will survive in Shonen Jump” or “The art is shit” and stuff. Later, Fujimaki got death threats and his series’ snack merchandises are poisoned because someone was jealous of his success. Kuroko no Basket events are cancelled and they have to take out the snack off the stores for safety. Those were bad times for the series. He said that he will continue the manga no matter what. Eventually, we reached this point. I have no idea if it was going to end but I just want to say, thank you Sensei for never giving up on this manga and create a wonderful and inspiring story for all of us to enjoy. Yes, you are the Kuroko in real life.


Tama unconciously calls to her BL loving inner self


I can’t stop staring at his hair omfg


woah, tag your death note spoilers

What would GOM + Himuro do if they found out their girlfriend was an otaku?


KUROKO: He thought it was fine, since she didn’t seem ashamed of being an otaku. He used to read sports manga, so maybe he could relate.

KISE: He’d laugh about it, thinking it was cute how she was obsessed with something. It was fine as long as she chose him over those anime boys.

AOMINE: Doesn’t really care if she’s into manga/anime, but that yaoi stash she hides in her room frightens him a bit. What exactly is in there…?

MIDORIMA: He’d pretend to judge her a bit, but secretly watches a bit of anime in his free time as well. It’s just a lot less cool for him to be an otaku.

MURASAKIBARA: He teases her about her hobby light-heartedly, like asking if she visits anime-themed cafés and if he could tag along next time.

HIMURO: It’d surprise him a bit, but he likes knowing more about her and her interests. He also gives her privacy to explore her interests without him.

AKASHI: He was into some animes as a child, so he can keep up with some of the conversation. Although he knew otaku culture could be quite frightening…



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Cover of WSJ issue 39/2014
Fantastic! I loved it!

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