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Just some fanart of my favourite Dramatical Murder character. I seriously adore his grumpy buttface and his stupidly gorgeous bird buddy <3


Artist: @geru0v0 posted via twitter
Translator: ladyshotacon via tumblr
Special permission was granted by the artist
to translate and reprint this comic.

You know (or not) that I like love Kuroo flirting with Kagami and jealous!Aomine and while this is the best crossover ship (threesome) for me between KnB and HQ I thought about second one…

Do you know that Oikawa doesn’t like geniuses? A few days ago I read a comic in which Kise and Kasamatsu were watching TV and they saw Oikawa. It turned out that Kise knows him and he said that Oikawa hated him.

I thought it’d be interesting to see Oikawa trying to get Kagami just to get on Kise’s nerves because he somehow learned that Kise likes Kagami (e.g. saw them together playing basketball and figured everything out) and… and I just want Oikawa to be mean to Kise while being sweet to Kagami, Kise being jealous and Kagami slowly realizing what is going on and demanding both Kise and Oikawa should talk with each other because he likes to have them both as friends and he’s tried of this situation.

Ugh, my thought are a mess right now *dies* Just… just small Oikawa/Kagami with Kise is everything I need in my life right now.


i think there’s a reason why midorima always look so grumpy in these photoshoots…

Happy MidoKuro Day~


Kuroko calmly walks into the locker room and up to his locker next to Kagami, his usual blank expression present.

"Kagami-kun," he speaks as he begins changing.


"Aomine-kun is waiting outside the gym. He says he wishes to take you home and pound his di—"

The rest of what Kuroko has to say is muffled by Kagami’s hand.

Kagami’s face is red, and his eye is twitching uncontrollably.

"I’ll be right back," he growls.

Once Kagami leaves, Kuroko and the rest of the team are able to hear Kagami and Aomine speaking very loudly about privacy and “things one should not say in public.”

It isn’t long before Kagami storms back inside the locker room, grabs his bag, and leaves just as quickly as he came, pulling Aomine along with him and mumbling “Fucking idiot.”

Kuroko smiles as he thinks to himself that their relationship is going quite well.



I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. { x }
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